Veterinary Blood Tests

Elite Philadelphia Vets - Veterinary Blood Tests

Veterinary Blood Tests

We offer a range of vets for cats and dogs, offering full veterinary blood test services. This means our vets can run different tests on your pet to give you the answers you need to establish what might be wrong with them.

Why your pet needs these tests?

There are some cases when you might see your pet’s behavior has changed without them actually showing any signs of distress or pain. These changes in behavior could be a sign that they have an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, kidney disease and many more. Our vets use the information from these blood tests to determine what levels your pet’s blood glucose levels, blood urea nitrogen levels and creatinine levels are at. By doing this we can establish whether they have these diseases or not.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) test

Our vets can run a complete blood count (CBC) test on your pet. This means we can see how many red and white blood cells they have in their blood, as well as the sizes and volumes of the cells. All these factors will give us information about what might be wrong with them or if there is something present that we need to address.

Using a blood chemistry profile test our vets can see if your pet’s organs are working properly. We measure the levels of bile acids, plasma proteins and electrolytes in your pet’s blood.

Elite Philadelphia Vets - Veterinary Blood Tests

Know your pet's Health Risks Today

Many pets are susceptible to the same diseases humans face. For peace of mind, ask about our personalized veterinary blood tests services in Philadelphia. We’ll help you understand potential exposures and create a plan to keep your buddy safe.

A complete veterinary blood test panel is an affordable way to get a snapshot of your pet’s liver, kidneys, thyroid and more.


At our veterinary care center, we understand how much your cat or dog means to you. You can be confident that dogs and cats receive the finest coin mixer, compassionate care possible when they come to us for veterinary services.

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With years of knowledge combined, our veterinarians are well equipped to take care of your pet. We have extensive knowledge of animal care and we are eager to share it with you.

Medical Specialties

Our medical specialists perform a variety of medical services. Our veterinarians can take care of everything from routine wellness and vaccinations to advanced surgical procedures and post-surgical treatments for pets.

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Not only can our veterinarians treat your pet, but our staff will also provide the care and attention they need while they are at our veterinary services center. Our wonderful, caring staff is eager to assist you in any way they can.

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