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We understand the importance of the bond between people and their pets. They are committed to caring for your pet’s health, so you can have peace of mind when you’re away or at home.

Trusted Veterinary Care Center

We are a veterinary care center that is dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets. All of our services are provided by caring, knowledgeable staff members who love what they do and want you to be comfortable with the service options we provide for you and your pet. We offer routine treatment as well as life-saving surgery for your dog, cat, or any other pet you may have. We treat all pets from the smallest to the largest. Pets are an important part of our lives, and we at Elite Philadelphia Vets want you to feel comfortable with your choice of a veterinary care center for their ongoing health care. Our veterinarians and staff members are caring and knowledgeable, and we always put your pet’s needs first.

Compassionate vets for your pet

As Philadelphia vets dedicated to the overall well-being of your pets, our veterinary staff is here to help you with whatever you need. We have many services available that are tailored to specific needs or pet types.

We take great satisfaction in giving your beloved pets the best possible care while relaxing in our state-of-the-art facility. Our Philadelphia vets are happy to offer a consultation to discuss your pets’ needs, and then tailor a treatment plan that is best for them.

Elite Philadelphia Vets - Bone Fracture Treatment
Philadelphia Vets

We're committed to your pet's health

Our vets always aim to provide the highest quality medicine possible in order to improve your pet’s health and extend their life. This means keeping up with the latest developments in veterinary care so when you come in, vets have the most advanced tools and techniques available to them. Whether it’s the most basic of check-ups or highly complicated surgeries, vets use their skills to identify problems and develop the best possible treatment plan for your pet.

Our Services

Veterinary Blood Tests

We offer a range of vets for cats and dogs, offering full veterinary blood test services. This means our vets can run different tests on your pet to give you the answers you need to establish what might be wrong with them.

Vet Dentist

For pets in need of vets Philadelphia, we have a vets dentist clinic. This vets in Philadelphia offers full dental examinations where you can get your pet's teeth checked for problems that are affecting their wellbeing.

Vet Surgery

Our vets can do something as little as stitching up a small cut, to more invasive vets such as spaying and vets. We have vets in Philadelphia for when your pet is unwell or needs surgery.

Pets’ Vaccinations

At Elite Philadelphia Vets, we have vets vets to offer vaccinations for your pets. You can get vaccinated against a range of things that are dangerous for them to prevent further health problems arising.

Veterinary Diagnostics

Diagnoctics is about more than just providing care for your pet. A good vets practice will do everything it can to find the cause of the problem in order to ensure that it is fully cured, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Bone Fracture Treatment

No matter how careful you are there's a chance that your beloved pet may break a leg or a bone at some point. When this happens, it is essential to have their injury assessed by vets immediately.

Wound Management

Many of us treat wounds with home remedies, but vets know that they must be cleaned with antiseptic solutions to prevent infection. They may also suggest that the skin is allowed to heal from the inside, depending on the nature of the injury.

Pet’s Behavioral Therapy

In some cases vets may prescribe animal behavioral therapy in order to help your pet feel more comfortable. If your dog is very nervous, for example, vets might discover that they're afraid of other dogs and will suggest ways to ease the stress.

Pet Nutrition Counseling

Elite Philadelphia Vets are here to provide pet nutrition counseling. We provide free, full-service consultations for your pet with our vets to help you choose the best food for your four-legged friend.

Spay and Neutering Services

Elite Philadelphia Vets offer vets for your pets spaying and neutering services! Spaying and neutering your pets is an important part of their health, and we're happy to offer vets for our clients in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia Vets

Prevent illnesses before they happen

Our vets will always take their time to discuss any concerns you have with your pet’s health, as well as give a clear explanation of what they’re doing throughout your visit, what your options are for treatment and explain any potential risks/benefits of the treatments under consideration. So if you’re concerned about the vets in Philadelphia providing an excellent level of care, we can assure you that our vets and staff work extremely hard to meet and exceed all expectations.

Get the Best Care for your pets with us!

Our staff is specially trained to care for animals. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care with compassion and respect for all animals. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients.

As a team, we try to bring you the best possible service and care for your pets. Whether it is something serious like surgery or just a routine checkup, we’ll make sure that all your concerns will be answered and needs will be fulfilled.

About Us

About Us

Philadelphia’s best vets offer excellent client service and pet treatment to help you care for your animals when you need it most. Our veterinary staff has years of industry experience and takes every opportunity to learn new things. We aim for top community involvement by offering support and wellness services that can benefit everyone in Philadelphia.

Our Philadelphia veterinary clinic is fully-staffed with skilled doctors and technicians who can offer your pets the best care available. Everyone who works here enjoys helping animals and making their owners happy. Your pet’s comfort is our first priority, and we want to offer you the best service possible.

Elite Vets Philadelphia

10 Tips on How to find the Best Vet Clinic in your area

Selecting a veterinarian you can trust when looking for a vet clinic in your area is a crucial factor. This will help you create a unique connection with them thus making you and your pet comfortable. A qualified veterinarian treats a pet like it’s theirs and is dedicated to this work. Discussed below are factors you should consider when looking for a new vet clinic.

1. Confirm the Vets accreditation.

A good clinic should have a license from the veterinary board. Also, you are free to confirm if their staff is composed of experienced personnel. As if that’s not enough, you are also recommended to confirm whether the vet is qualified to offer the desired services. To understand the general working environment of a clinic, you can observe how long the staff gets involved in offering their services.

2. Types of services offered.

X-ray, blood testing, dentistry and ultrasound are examples of services offered in a vet clinic. Also ensure that the facility is equipped with all the equipment needed to make procedures successful. Apart from checking the type of equipment used, you should also confirm if the veterinary handling the equipment understands how to put it into use. You should also ask them whether they can monitor pets overnight which help you gain confidence in case your pet gets admitted.

3. Ask their service price.

It’s quite disturbing once your pet falls ill. Sending on your pet during its unhealthy days may be expensive but it’s worth it.The expenses may be costly even though they are worth it. When you are looking for a vet clinic, you should understand whether the services offered are of a fixed price considering specific techniques or do they offer the overall cost before beginning the treatment process? Ensure you ask these questions when opting for a new vet clinic.

4. How to look for a vet.

In some situations, you can use pet pages available in your locality to find the best vet clinic. You can also ask for guidance from your closest people in the family. Information from them is satisfactory because you get information from a trusted person. Another place where you can ask about a vet clinic is in dog training areas and dog parks. Never get tired doing your research as this gives you a clear information on what vet to choose from your list. You can also go for online reviews to see reactions from past clients.

5. Location of the vet clinic.

Distance of your vet is the most crucial factor.Assuming that you need an emergency service, you need to access your veterinary ASAP to save your pet’s life. Therefore, ensure the pet vet you choose is within a considerable distance from your apartment not only for quick emergency services but also to save your time and money.

6. Consider how you get attended to.

Despite ensuring that your pet gets the needed attention, it’s important to ensure that the vet also attends to you in the best way possible. A qualified veterinarian speaks with a welcoming tone to make you feel comfortable.This friendly tone ensures that you and your vet develop a friendly relationship thus giving both of you the confidence to ask any questions about the procedure or also share values. It is good when you feel like the veterinarian considers your ideas and they assure you that your pet’s safety is not compromised by the way they handle your pet.

7. Consider how your pet gets attended to.

All vet clinics should have veterinarians who consider clients choices. Assuming that a veterinarian is carrying out a procedure, if their attention is diverted, they might miss some crucial operations which otherwise could be deadly. Watch closely how the vet’s staff interacts with pets. You can judge the veterinary attention by confirming how they go about their surgery and also their body language.

8. Understand the services that should be given to your pet.

Different veterinarians are involved with different types of pets. Therefore, when looking for a vet clinic, ensure the clinic you select can handle the species of your pet. You should be at a point of understanding what services your veterinarian will offer. You should consider issues like routine management and critical care services if your pet has any.

9. Be a good client after choosing a vet.

When you choose a vet clinic it means you trust them with your pet’s health. To create a long-term client-vet relationship there is a need for both the client and veterinarian to support the relationship. For you to be a good client you should always appear on time to any scheduled appointments to give time to the needed paperwork. Also, practicing patience f is a virtue. Patience plays an important role when your pet is not predictable. Since the treatment process may be stressful, you need patience as a client. Always be a good ambassador to your pet by allowing the veterinarian to carry out his procedures peacefully.

10. Know the types of questions to ask a vet.

Despite trying to understand the new environment of the vet clinic, you need to understand a lot of points before you select a clinic. Questions like how does monitoring occur on admitted pets? What’s the desirable payment mode? Types of emergency services offered on-site to mention but a few. These questions leave you with no uncertainties and offer you a good reason why you should or should not choose the clinic.

The Final Verdict

Upon following the steps above, it is your responsibility to listen to your instincts and select the best vet clinic for your pet. Ensure the vet selected instills confidence and trust in you to ensure there is a long-term and successful relationship.

10 Tips By Our Philadelphia Veterinarians

All pet owners should ensure that their pets are healthy at all times. To be certain that your pet’s health is not compromised, always make an effort of visiting your vet regularly for checkup. In this article, ten everyday activities are reviewed and once followed; you are assured of a healthy pet life.

1. Visit a Veterinarian.

As a responsible pet owner, you need to make sure that you visit a vet regularly. Generally, pets have a reduced lifetime thus the reason why you need to visit your vet not less than two times in a year. It is recommended that you regularly visit the vet when your pet is young and in some circumstances, the manner in which you visit your vet clinic depends on the schedule. This is not a clue that you stop visiting the vet clinic once your pets reach maturity, it could help if you stuck to the regular checkup program. Even though visiting your vet may be tricky, improvise some ways that will make the transportation process easy.

2. Plan for Vaccines.

Vaccines are crucial in any pet’s health. Immediately you buy a pet, plan on how to get it involved in an immunization schedule. Fret not on how to go about this procedure because your veterinarian will help you plan on a reasonable immunization schedule for your friend. All immunizations ensure that your pet’s health and safety are not compromised. To ensure the young pets easily adapt to their new environment, you are advised to introduce them to vaccines at their early stages of life. For effectiveness purposes, plan out with your vet and agree on the most suitable meeting time. Examples of diseases that are suppressed once you vaccinate your pet are rabies and distemper.

3. Fit them with identification marks.

This helps to prevent cases like loses or play an important role in record keeping in case you have a crowd of pets. You are advised to begin with basic identification procedures like tagging, or using a collar with contact information. Besides, you can also use an identification tag, microchip since they are termed the best because collars are prone to loss and damage. A microchip is a grain sized identification device that is placed under your pet’s skin by use of a machine. These identification techniques will help you locate your pet easily if they dash out the compound.

4. Offer your pet appropriate home care.

All pet owners are responsible for their pet’s safety. As your pet’s caregiver, it is your duty to ensure that your pet’s hygiene remains at par not only while at home but also outside your home. Some home care practices include teeth brushing and provision of healthy feeds. To ensure that your pet’s hygiene is maintained, you need to observe the nutrition calendar, perform the regular grooming tasks until the pet has track of the habit. Some practices like combing them after trimming their nails regularly helps the pet understand each and every routine.

5. Introduce your pet to a trainer.

When you make sure your pet is well-trained, socializing will come out naturally. The most effective way of training your pet is to put them into the training sessions at their younger age. For example, to ensure your house is clean all the time you need to train your pet on toilet matters. Despite that, obedience training is also important. Once you train your pet on socialization, you will create a strong bond between you and your pet not to mention about other pets. In case you have no whereabouts of trainers in your region, get recommendations from your vet.

6. Provide safe toys to your pet.

Research shows that most pets are playful in nature. It is a crucial characteristic when you want to develop relationships with them. To ensure your pets are kept happy, provide all the types of toys to your four legged friends. Despite ensuring the toys are accessible, they should also be safe. By safety it means that the toys should be free from causing choking hazards and they should not have sharp edges to avoid injury cases. You should also replace or throw away any toy that is worn out. In case you want to save on toys, it is recommended to use DIY toys.

7. Conserve all park rules.

It is the nature of pets to love walking outdoors and because of that, you are advised to take them out for a walk or play. Most pet owners love walking with their pets in the pack. If this is the case, then you should observe all regularities put in place by the park. Some of the rules include walking with your pet’s toys, avoiding food carriage and other rules ensure the people in the park are kept safe. The rules are applicable to all pets that are aggressive and have less socialization training.

8. Give them a balanced diet.

To ensure that your pet stays healthy, it is your duty as a pet owner to provide a balanced diet, clean and safe drinking water. Provision of healthy food not only ensures the pet stays healthy but also provides your pet with all the nutrients and energy needed to perform its day to day functions. Since the market abounds a lot of pet feeds, to select the best supplement for your dog you need to understand your pet’s nutritional requirements and the feed combination so as to select the best feed. A balanced pet feed is made up of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

9. Ensure it has a healthy living environment.

This should be done when you are reconstructing your pet’s living area to make sure there are no threats in the area. In case your dog’s bed is uncomfortable, replace the old bed with a new one. Again, to make sure there is a healthy environment in your cat’s room, you should provide it with a litter box. You are also advised to find potential hazards in the pet’s living area when reconstructing it. Bare wires and codes, broken glass, and harmful plants are examples of hazards that you need to get rid of immediately. A healthy environment means a healthy pet.

10. Neutering.

To ensure you’re your pet has no birth issues or reduces the conception rate; you are advised to sterilize it. Other practices like uterus and ovary removal minimize chances of cervical cancer. Neutering on the other hand helps in reducing aggression and roaming in pets.

The Final Verdict

To ensure your pet stays healthy at all costs, above are tips that you should follow regularly. This will help your pet realize lifetime benefits.


At our veterinary care center, we understand how much your cat or dog means to you. You can be confident that dogs and cats receive the finest, compassionate care possible when they come to us for veterinary services.

Experienced Veterinarians

With years of knowledge combined, our veterinarians are well equipped to take care of your pet. We have extensive knowledge of animal care and we are eager to share it with you.

Medical Specialties

Our medical specialists perform a variety of medical services. Our veterinarians can take care of everything from routine wellness and vaccinations to advanced surgical procedures and post-surgical treatments for pets.

Friendly, Caring Staff

Not only can our veterinarians treat your pet, but our staff will also provide the care and attention they need while they are at our veterinary services center. Our wonderful, caring staff is eager to assist you in any way they can.


If you witness your animal choking, first attempt to remove foreign material from the mouth by using a finger or other nonglass item. If the object can’t be removed, withhold food and water for 24 hours. Watch for signs of vomiting. Contact a veterinarian immediately!

It may be frightening to witness a seizure, but try not to panic. Keep your animal away from any sharp objects and clear the area of anything that could cause injury. Remain with your animal until it’s over. You can gently restrain your pet by wrapping your arms around its torso or moving it away from any nearby objects. If your animal is on the floor, placing a pillow under its head may help prevent injury. Immediately contact your veterinarian following a seizure.

The best thing you can do is to contact your veterinarian or an animal poison control center. If you can, take a small sample of the substance along with the container it came from so medical personnel know exactly what has been ingested.

Pets with fever will typically have a loss of appetite, become lethargic, have a dry nose or moist mouth, and may pant. If you suspect your pet has a fever, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Cats often hide their pain to protect themselves from predators. Some signs that your cat may be in pain include lethargy, lack of appetite, decreased grooming habits, and changes in voice. If you suspect your pet is in pain, contact a veterinarian immediately!

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Emily Stopp
Emily Stopp
In all reality, Elite Philadelphia Vets have been a life saver for us. On my visit to Philadelphia, I needed a veterinary clinic to take care of my dog. Fortunately, I came across this vet clinic and asked for an emergency veterinarian. I was able to get an appointment right away and what I really appreciate is the fact that the vet on the phone gave me some guidance on what to do until reaching the clinic. What I really like about this animal hospital is the comprehensive treatment package they offer. So if you are looking for any kind of pet care service (CBC veterinary, fracture treatment, wound management, etc.), give these guys a try.
Elite Vets Philadelphia
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